Important Update on Task Queues

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Important Update on Task Queues

On March 3, we introduced a number of new features to some of our products. Due to an oversight on our part, one of these paid features, the ability to run customized task queues, was inadvertently left accessible for some of our free users. 


Leaving this feature accessible was our mistake, and we apologize for any confusion it may have caused. While we plan to fix this oversight, we want to make it an easier transition in case you’ve become accustomed to using it - so we’ll wait until May 31st before removing it from your account. If you want to retain this feature, consider upgrading to Sales Hub Starter.


To be clear, this change won’t result in any loss of data. You’ll still be able to access all of your tasks and see any queues you’ve created, but starting a task queue and running through your tasks using the streamlined task queues tool will require a paid subscription after this change is made.


We appreciate you and your team using HubSpot to power your growth, and again, we apologize for the oversight on our part.


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