CTA Tool Analytics


CTA Tool Analytics

The initial rollout was super exciting for us - we really, really love the drag and drop experiences for the inline CTA elements as well as the pop ups and slide ins. We had been talking about trying to integrate a third party tool for several months, and this was the answer to all of that difficult budget and implementation discussion 
However, like the (not so new any more) form analytics tools, the analytics for this new CTA tool are abysmally useless.
The drill down tools for the old CTA tool were so useful to us - both in determining which pages performed best with certain CTAs, as well as tracking and comparing changes
There are some really basic questions that are very hard to simply and precisely answer - 

  • Does this CTA perform better or worse since we made these changes?
  • Does this CTA perform better or worse than several similar CTAs?
  • On which pages does this CTA perform best/worst? 


And to add insult to injury, the chart uses DD/MM/YYYY for the dates - the only place in the entire platform that does this, with no option to change to a more conventional date format. 


HubSpot seems very determined to slowly deteriorate their analytics tools across the board -  It's really important to us that we can  retain as much functionality in the analytics as possible! Really hope HubSpot plans to fix this.

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