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New Contributor
Joined February-2017
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Digital Sales Team Process Development. What's your process?

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Hi all,


Recently I've been speaking with a number of clients who are looking to educate their sales teams as to how to drive more value from the CRM and channels such as LinkedIn (and tying this data back to the CRM).


I thought I'd share this recently blog post on the topic:


The post is, of course, specific to our business, but I thought it interesting to share my real world perspective.


I'm keen to hear about any challenges you have in developing a process for your sales teams, or if you have any really solid strategies that have delivered improved reporting (using the sales dashboards), lead prioritisation (and scoring), or other?

Community Manager
Joined October-2016
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Re: Digital Sales Team Process Development. What's your process?

Thanks for sharing @FesAskari_SIC Smiley Happy

One of our resident HubSpo Sales experts here is @kcooper, I thought I'd loop her in to share her two cents. @kcooper, how are your team/business developed it's strategy?

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Top Contributor
Joined October-2016
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Re: Digital Sales Team Process Development. What's your process?

Hey @FesAskari_SIC thanks for sharing!

I'd be interested to know what you think should be factored when you are developing your buyer personas? Industry / Age / Interests? How specific should these personas be, or should they be more high level?

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