cheating by the sales team during COVID by not providing on boarding timely and wasting times


The hubspot team is wasting my time and cheated me of the money and it has been 2 months and onboarding is still lacking .

how can i make complaints to board of directors of hubspot ?

The team of dishank and charlie have in CONNIVANVCE with each other have mischievously sold me pro marketing pack . its been more than 2 months and onbaording is been lacking and have no updates as to when and how it will happen .

Both of them are unavailable and have been absconding and trying to evade my calls and responses .

please help !!

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Community Manager



I'm so sorry you had this experience, however, here at HubSpot we take feedback seriously, so I've reached out to the team about this and they'll get in touch with you soon.


Thank you

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