I’m Flora Wang, the PM of the new HubSpot Admin Tools. Ask Me Anything!

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Hi everyone!



I’m Flora Wang and I’m the Product Manager of the new HubSpot Admin Tools that were just announced at INBOUND last week! I’m just so thrilled that I got to build a new set of features for users who are at the core of our product, the ones that keep HubSpot portals up and running, our admins!



A little more about me. I’ve been at HubSpot for almost 6 years now, and in that time I’ve helped customers as a Customer Support Rep, talked to prospects as a Solution Engineer, and now finally I’m building for our customers as a Product Manager! I’ve previously worked on our Chrome Extension and Outlook Add-in and in this past year I’ve been focused on building the Admin tools. 


This year we've launched:

  • Export of users and their permissions [All tiers]
  • Default permission sets [Professional and Enterprise]
  • Creating a new user from a previous user's permissions [Professional and Enterprise]
  • Deactivating a user  [All tiers]

And coming soon out of beta: 

  • Provision HubSpot users with SCIM through Okta [Enterprise]
  • User Impersonation [Enterprise]


From Oct 25 until Oct 28 I’ll be here in the community to answer any questions you may have for me, whether that’s about the new Admin Tools or about my professional journey as a HubSpotter.


Not sure what to ask me?

  • How do I get access to these Admin Tools?
  • What features do you plan to add in the future?
  • or let me know about any Admin needs you have today in HubSpot!


See you then! Looking forward to chatting 🙂 

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Hi Flora! What's the #1 up-and-coming tool that you're absolutely excited about? 


Any updates to previous tools that you're also stoked about?


Would love to hear your thoughts! 🙌


David Dennison

Social Media, Content,

and SEO Marketing

HubSpot Product Team

Hi David! So many features I'm excited about and it's hard to pick. From talking to customers like yourself I know that User Impersonation will be really helpful for admins to troubleshoot what's happening for their user without having to schedule time and jump on a screenshare. There are a ton more use cases beyond that and I'm excited to see how admins use this feature.

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User impersonation is very exciting! So we don't have to schedule a screen share call or have a user create a video for us to figure out what is happening on their screen.  Thank you for teaching us about it!

Jen Bergren
Sr. Operations Manager
Remotish -- A HubSpot RevOps and WebOps Agency

Hello Flora, my name is Claudia and I'm interested in learning how I can to create content in the hupspot's software for the customers


HubSpot Product Team

Hi Claudia! We have resources in our Academy here.

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Hi @Flora,


Thanks for doing this AMA! I'm still looking for a way to create a role that is 100% "look but don't touch" in HubSpot but there are three things which are making that very hard (especially in strict Enterprise environments).


1. Users being able to connect their calendar, even without Sales Hub access (potential security risk as confidential meetings from their calendars might be synchronized into HubSpot and show up on contact records).


2. Users receiving new permissions as they're added to the user permissions settings. Recently this was the case for "Files" and "Add custom line items", these were new permission options and automatically enabled for existing roles.


3. Users being able to connect apps outside of the marketplace. Installing apps from the marketplace can be disabled, installing non-marketplace apps not.


I know that these aren't strictly related to the new features but the three points above continue to pose a security risk and are causing a lot of headache. Let me know if I should elaborate on these.


Thanks in advance!

Karsten Köhler
Digital Marketer | HubSpot Freelancer | CRM Consultant

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HubSpot Product Team

Hello Karsten!

Thanks for participating in the AMA with such thoughtful questions. We are also looking into creating this more minimal role and I'd love to hear your use cases around this. The rest of the feedback is also really helpful and has been top of mind for me  as well. Can you reach out to me at flora@hubspot.com and we can find some time to chat? 


Hello Flora.  I watched your webinar on Wednesday 10/27 "Building Confidence Through Customization" with Nancy Riley, and we're really interested in the capabilities of the Sandbox.  I read through the knowledge base article and I've created a Sandbox environment.  But I don't see a way to copy our web pages, HubDB tables, and files to the Sandbox environment.  If we want to test various scenarios without affecting our production environment then I can see the value of the Sandbox.  Recreating the full production environment would seem essential.  Am I missing something in the intent of the Sandbox, or Sandbox features, or its capabilities?

HubSpot Product Team

Hi! I'm Collette, the PM for Sandboxes. Right now, we only copy CMS themes, templates and modules. You can sync these by opening "additional options" on the modal and then checking the box next to themes, templates and modules. We know that customers are excited to sync other things like specific web pages, HubDB tables, etc. so it's something we're investigating. 


Hi Flora,


I was directed to your post by Hubspot Support. We have an issue where Hubspot SCIM requires employee titles to match the roles. This is a roadblock in our setup with Okta as it would require us to change employee titles (especially for IT and Security admins to match admin roles in Hubspot). Does Hubspot plan on changing this? It makes it difficult to use SCIM as we can't change titles due to other systems that the titles appear in as well (HR, IT systems, etc, etc).