[Follow-up] Insights Unlocked Webinar - April 8, 2021

HubSpot Employee

Thanks again for joining our webinar, Insights Unlocked, where we took a look at attribution and custom reporting in HubSpot. 


You can watch the full recording here.


We know there were a ton of questions and unfortunately oculn't get to them all. If you have anything you'd like our team to answer, please feel free to post below and Davis, Meaghan, or someone else from the HubSpot team will be happy to follow-up! 

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Contributor | Platinum Partner
Great webinar thanks and excited to see the new custom report builder. Looking forward to setting up some new reports!
Jonno Price
Growth London Ltd.
Platinum Hubspot Solutions Partner

Hi there! Is it possible to filter a report to look only at specific emails and not all emails? We want to see how specific drip campaigns are performing.