Discussion: How to Kickstart an ABM Strategy in HubSpot

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Thanks to everyone who could attend our webinar, How to Kickstart an ABM Strategy in HubSpot.


We're excited about the opportunity to discuss these new tools and strategies with you, and wanted to follow-up on the many questions we received during the webinar.


Please see our answers below, and feel free to add any additional questions.


We'd also recommend checking out the following resources to learn more:
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Hey all - Some answers to questions we weren't able to get to on today's webinar.


Q: How do you get your leads from LinkedIn Sales Nav into your other platforms?

A: The best resource on how to use the LinkedIn/HubSpot Sales Navigator integration is https://knowledge.hubspot.com/integrations/how-to-connect-hubspot-and-linkedin-sales-navigator .


Q: Is there a way to target a parent account distributed in different child companies without having to target them separately? 

A: As part of the ABM feature rollout, we introduced multiple domains, so you can add multiple domains to a company record, such as the parent account.


Q: Are any of the tools available in Sales Hub Starter?

A: Some of the upgrades we made to the Company object are available in Free and above versions of HubSpot! The best resources to learn more is this blog post on how to use our free tools to do ABM in HubSpot.


Q: I have a list of compaies we are targeting. Do I have to manually check off the customers to mark them as target accounts in hubspot or is there an easier way to upload them?

A: You can actually mark companies as target accounts in bulk through updating the Target account property of the company records in the company homethrough a company import, or via a company workflow to True.