Ask The Customer Training Team Anything About Keeping Your CRM and HubSpot Assets Organised

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Hi HubSpot Community,


Serena here from the Customer Training Team at HubSpot. During the past few months, our team has adapted our popular in-person trainings to virtual format to continue empowering our customers and maximize their HubSpot subscription.


Our team is committed to creating an engaging, interactive, and upbeat virtual learning environment. We would like to bring this experience closer to the HubSpot Community by hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session about Keeping Your CRM and HubSpot Assets Organised. We still advise you to leave your tech questions to the HubSpot technical team, but you can ask us anything about tips, tricks and tools to efficiently organise your CRM and team’s assets.


We’ll be answering questions through a video on the 25th June. Please post your questions below from the 10th to the 19th June.


Need some suggestions for what to ask? Here are some example questions:

  • How can I help my international teams easily find the assets or tools they need?
  • How can I update/delete contacts in bulk and find duplicates?
  • How can we assign different permission sets to different HubSpot users?


Look forward to hearing from you soon!


The HubSpot Customer Training Team

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Hi @SerenaPol 


thank you for hosting this 🙂 I think this is something we've been struggling with when we started with HubSpot.

As we are a global company we've found a bit harder to find for my colleagues to find the assets they need. Any advice on how to achieve this a big scale? 


Thank you



Hi, I've starter subscription and I can tell we have a bit messy our contacts.


any advice on how to update contacts and find duplicates?




hi there! thank you for hosting this!


how can I organize my team weekly tasks? we have a global team and sometimes it's hard to set up these tasks to their timezone.



Hi! we just got our subscription and we still pretty new with the tool. I'm wondering if you could give me some tips on how can I organize my contacts? How can I create contextual, relationship-driven marketing that creates results?

thank you

HubSpot Customer Trainer

Hi All,


Thank you for your participation to this AMA and for all the great questions! David, Tash and I have gathered a few tips and best practices to keep your database clean and organize your CRM assets and contacts in the video below.


                                                                                    Watch video here



How can you organize assets for global team at a big scale? Full answer in video 1.

  • Create teams
  • Assign relevant content to users and teams
  • Create Folders for your assets
  • Use clear and strong naming convention
  • Users/Teams permissions


@Ibalya92  and @Luis2 

Have you got any tips to organize efficiently contacts and avoid duplicates? How can you best organize your team's weekly tasks in their time zones?

Full answer in video 2.

  • Saved contact views
  • Deduplicate feature
  • Lead source property
  • Task queues
  • Automated tasks


Can you share some best practices to organize contacts and create contextual, relationship-driven marketing that creates results? Full answer in video 3.

  • Edit columns to filter data
  • Create Saved Views
  • Map your content to your Buyer Persona and their Buyer's Journey
  • Create automated nurturing paths with workflows
  • Map data associations in your imports

We hope you'll find these answers helpful! If you have any follow up questions, please don't hesitate to comment below!

To learn more about CRM management, contact nurturing and many other inbound topics, take a look at our upcoming virtual training courses, where you will have the opportunity to learn in an interactive group environment with HubSpot experts and sales and marketing professionals from all over the world!


Thank you,

Serena, David and Tash from the HubSpot Customer Training Team