Ask Me Anything - HubSpot Automation for the Holiday Season 🎄

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Hi HubSpot Community!
My name is Ashley and I am a Senior Customer Success Manager at HubSpot (JAPAC). 

I’ve been at HubSpot for over 4 years, when we only had Marketing Hub and the good old ‘Sales Pro’ to work with. Flywheel turned over a million times now, and we have a full suite of tools equipped with Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, Operations Hub. 
With the holiday season coming up, I wanted to help our customers make sure HubSpot is still doing the work, while they are out to enjoy the well-deserved break. So, I am here to answer your questions and hear your ideas on HubSpot Automation for the Holiday Season🎅. I will be answering questions through November 29 - December  8.
Some starting questions from me to get you thinking! 
  • How would you make sure the leads are followed up timely while most of the teams are offline? 
  • Are your holiday marketing campaigns scheduled? 
  • How will customer service be handled during this time? 
Look forward to hearing from you soon!
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In this present age, which is the age of smartphones, there is nothing you cannot do; technological development has made it possible for us to do pretty much everything just with a few taps on the available apps. 


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I'm Elham. I'm a contente writer at a digital marketing company. I want to learn contente marketing but I'm a littel confuse.

Here is on one my problems that makes me confuse: in the idea chapter of the contente marketing cours we discuss how to find idea for writing a blog post or other contentes. Here is my question: before we start writing a contente we write a list of related  heading1 and heading2. When should we usee these new ideas, in the process of writing heads or when we explain our headings?

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Hi @elhamtoosi , thanks for kicking us off with a first question. 


Having a list of related headings ready has a few benefits :


- First to your point, if you have a list of related headings, I think you could go ahead to write them as headings. After that your elaboration would come, which can be how you explain further about your heading. 


- Before you dive right into your main topic and start writing a piece of content, you get an idea of what key subjects will be included in the post. It also helps you to structure the post in a better way. 

For example, if I'm writing about "Automation for holiday period", I might have headings like 'Automate marketing campaigns for the holiday period', 'Making sure my sales operations doesn't stop when I'm on vacation', and 'Ensuring customers continue to get support throughout holidays'. 

This gives me a structure that I will cover 3 parts of business operations that can be auotmated. 


- It also allows you to plan for future posts as well. Perhaps you have 10 different headings for a single content, which is too many. In which case you know that you have plenty to cover about this topic, and can plan to write 1 or 2 more content about this specific topic. This is when brain dumps (as covered in the Content Marketing Course) can be helpful, as 1 content that you have in mind can become 3 different content you can create and leverage for marketing. 


Once you have your topics and headings that will be part of the topics in place, it's also good to plan a wider content strategy by implementing Topic Clusters. I believe the upcoming videos inside the course will cover this, but here is another great resource on Creating content strategy that includes topic clusters


I love taking advantage of A/B testing in emails. Sometimes the results are inconclusive and both performed well, so I'd like to recycle the existing content and just swap the recipient lists rather than create all-new content. Is there a simple way to do this? 

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Hey @GHayes , marketers love a good A/B test and it's great to hear you're taking advantage of it. 

Have you already tried cloning the sent email? While you won't be able to edit the recipients within the email that was already sent out, you should be able to clone it then send to another group of people. Be mindful that the cloned A/B test email will also be an A/B test email (unless you decide to end the test on the cloned email!). 


Here are also some additional tips on mastering A/B testing on HubSpot. 

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Ps. I LOVE this AMA approach - we ran the Education HUG (North America) yesterday and turned into a massive Ask Me Anything about things people were wondering if Hubspot could help them achieve. It was GREAT. I'd be happy to start a new thread like theat from an agency/implementation point of view if you'd like. 

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Thanks for the support @Alysha_TW & great to hear about how HUG turned out🙌  

Perhaps @jennysowyrda can connect with you on running AMAs driven by our amazing partner network! 

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Hey @Alysha_TW 


Thank you for your interest in hosting an Ask me Anything! I'd love to hear more about your idea, could you please send me a private message on the Community so we can discuss it further?




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Hola, soy Fernando Vizcarra, Bachiller en Ingeniería Empresarial, en estos momentos no me encuentro trabajando, pero si estoy llevando una certificación en Ventas y Atención al Cliente. Ateriormente he desarrollado un Plan de Marketing Digital y creado un sitio web en Wodpress para mi proyecto de grado de universidad.


I like that I can see when they open my email and I can call them immediately.


I am an SEO specialist for a marketing agency, and I have a problem with the Backlinking process.
I feel like I don't know where I should start. I have completed the Hub spot Seo course and other many courses but I couldn't get the point of the guest post and what I should do first,
for example, shall I ask news websites to write an article about the agency and its accomplishments or what?

Thanks in advance



Hi Ashley, I am an Estate Surveyor and Valuer hoping to get into the exciting world of digital marketing. I have an e-commerce website I'm designing for a the sales and service provision of fashion, beauty and health industry. The website is in the design stage and not publish. But I want to to do some content market beforehand. The problem is I know what I want to talk about but the presentation, the starting out and how deciding if I should do some SEM for those content is what being holding me back. I don't know if you can give your take on this. 

What will you do to create awearness through content marketing for an e-commerce site you are working on so that when the site is ready you would have generated a following.