Ask Me Anything: Growing Better In 2019 Using HubSpot Free and Starter

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As we all know, January can be a time for resolutions, new starts, and exciting changes. So, let’s start this year off on the right foot, together! My name is Juli G, I’m an expert in the HubSpot Free and Starter tools and I want to help you make 2019 the best year ever for your business!


Over the next two weeks, I’ll be answering all of your technical and strategic questions on how you can grow better with HubSpot Free and Starter products!

Some great examples of questions are:


  • “How can I use HubSpot to report on the productivity of my team?”
  • “I would really love to make a deeper connection with my website visitors, how can I do that using HubSpot’s tools?”
  • “What are some tips and tricks to make sure none of my leads fall through the cracks?”

This thread is meant to be helpful to everyone. So, if you have a question about any technical issues that are unique to your portal, Starter customers can file a Technical Support Ticket through their portal and Free users can create a new thread here in the community.


This AMA will start on Monday, January 14th at 9:00 AM EST and I will be accepting new questions until 5:00 PM EST on Monday, January 28th. 


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Hi Julie,


Having always used the options to have more than one email for a contact, I did not know this could cause issues.   I have over 6000 contacts who belong to over 3000 companies. As an email is typically general to the company I want to move the duplicate email addresses, as appropriate to another contact.  


I have exported the entire contact database and can not find the second email address.  How can this task be expedited? There are 2388 contacts with email addresses. 


Thank you.



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Hi @gelflex-cc 


You can read more about our Secondary Email feature here:


Please note, at this time, it is not possible to import multiple email addresses into the email field.


Since this AMA has been closed, If you have any other questions, please feel free to start a new thread! 

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Hi Everyone! 


Thank you all so much for posting in this AMA! I've had a wonderful time working with all of you! 


The AMA is now officially closed. If you have any more questions, please start a new thread in the Community!