Tracked email considered opened with "Log in CRM" option

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When I send a mail from Gmail, with both features "Track email in HubSpot sales" and "Log in CRM" activated, I immediately receive an open notification, few seconds after sending the email.


I suspect the logging system to be considered as an open action.

The notification is : "Someone has opened..."


Is this a normal behaviour? If yes, I won't be able to have accurate open rate stats with logged emails.

Plus, is there a way to have the precise name of the person who opened the mail, when the log feature is active?



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Hello @arnlen,


Welcome to the Hubspot Community and thank you for your question.


When you send emails from Gmail, do you have any other email clients open that the sent email might be loading in?  For example, some email clients like (Outlook or Apple Mail) have a preview pane as part of the inbox view, and if recipients scroll over your email in their inbox (even passively), this can trigger an email open notification.  I have also seen this happen with the sent folder as well.  


Sometimes, that image will be loaded multiple times from a single email open due to how the recipient views their emails. In particular, a user could be on a server which may dynamically change that user's IP address. If the image is loaded from multiple IP addresses then a notifications may indicate that your emails were being opened by multiple people.


If you haven't done so already, I suggest filtering your IP address from generating open notifications. This article explains how to do this.  If you find that this still doesn't change anything, let me know.