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What's New at HubSpot and What's Next for HubSpot: INBOUND 2022 Edition

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Check out the latest product updates here


Are you interested in seeing the latest product updates announced during INBOUND 2022? Would you like to see what’s on the product roadmap? Learn more about the latest product updates and how they help create a connected customer experience here


I am looking to see what’s new at HubSpot:


Check out the most recent product spotlight to see what was released during INBOUND.


I am looking for a complete list of product updates announced during INBOUND 2022:


Don’t miss this product updates blog post with learning materials. 


I am curious about what’s coming next for HubSpot


Take a look at the product roadmap slides for our Hubs and Developer platform. 

I would like to enroll in a beta feature:


Super Admins can self-enroll in beta features in-app. Check out this help article


I have a great idea for the next feature at HubSpot:


Submit your feature request and use case to the Ideas Forum.


Where can I find the latest product updates in-app? 


You can view product updates and betas in your account's "What's New?" feed, available by selecting the account drop-down in the upper right corner of any HubSpot app page and clicking "Product Updates."


Note: The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the Roadmaps are subject to change. Additionally, they don't include the entirety of our development plans.