by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the newly styled Community

Hey Community, 


We are excited to introduce your new Community designs with you today. We’ve been working on this update behind the scenes for quite a while. While the best way to become familiar with the new Community is to dive in and poke around, we wanted to provide an overview of some of the new features you can expect in the Community. 




What did we change? 

  1. Community Header
    1. We’ve moved our search function to the global header so you can search from anywhere in the Community. 
    2. We’ve also moved the ability to create a post and submit an idea to the top navigation so you can create content without having to leave the homepage. 
    3. We streamlined the settings and direct messages to sit within one menu, which you’ll find under the avatar in the top navigation. 
  2. Top Navigation
    1. We’ve streamlined the navigation to include discussions, connections, groups, resources and advocacy. All the content you know and love is still available, but bucketed into categories that just make sense! 
  3. Community Homepage
    1. You’ll notice lots of new and exciting changes throughout the homepage. The goal of this design was to expose more conversations and areas of the Community to you without making the space overwhelming. You’ll also notice we’re putting the spotlight on our members with a member spotlight included on the homepage. 
    2. When you arrive to the Community and you’re not logged in, you’ll see a special message from your Community managers as well. 
  4. Category pages
    1. Category pages are what we call the pages one level below our homepage (think: CRM & Sales, RevOps & Operations, etc.). These pages received a major makeover as we streamlined all of the different topics within a category into one feed. This change enables you to browse all conversations, while still having the ability to filter by label and status of the content. 
    2. You’ll also notice additional spots to highlight upcoming events, trending topics and more throughout the Community. Our goal is to curate a Community experience that helps you find areas of interest to you. 
  5. Groups pages
    1. Our groups area received a refresh as well. You’ll notice some additional areas for sharing information and updates with you. 




Why the change? 


Our Community launched over five years ago, and our current home page has been in place since 2018. Since then HubSpot has launched new Hubs, created new tools, and grown quite a bit. Our Community needed to reflect those changes in a way that made sense. This refresh is aimed at improving your experience, highlighting boards you may not have known existed, and helping you find connections with your peers in the Community. 


Thoughts? Feedback? 


We want to hear all of your thoughts and feedback! 


Please share any feedback (or issues you find!) through this form.


Finally, please note that we’ll be continuing to iterate and improve the Community over the next several weeks. We appreciate your patience as we make the Community perfect for you.