by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Community team, Kristen!

Hi Community! 


I am excited to introduce our newest member of the Community team, Kristen VonLoesecke (@kvlschaefer). 


Kristen has been involved in the English Community, with a focus on Study Groups, for several months. Prior to joining the Community Team, Kristen was a member of HubSpot's Support Team. Kristen has made a tremendous impact in our Study Groups and we are so excited to see the impact she will have on our English Community. 




Outside of work, Kristen enjoys hiking, traveling, reading (currently she's reading The Splendid and the Ville), cooking and photography. Kristen also speaks four languages and is (in my opinion) a world traveller 😄


Kristen is based outside of Boston, MA. 


Please join me in welcoming Kristen to the team!