Top 3 Users who received the most upvotes and accepted solutions in December 2020

by: Community Manager
Community Manager






Hey Community, 


We also want to highlight our Community contributors who received the most upvotes and authored the most solutions in December 2020 🙂


Please help me to congratulate: 


1. @karstenkoehler Received 159 Upvotes and 83 Solutions Authored.


Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 14.23.30.png



2. @piersg Received 54 Upvotes and 12 Solutions Authored.


3. @Kevin-C  Received 44 Upvotes and 8 Solutions Authored.


Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 14.23.37.png


Congratulations all! We are delighted you are part of our diverse and growing community! Thank you for all your contributions. 


Stay tuned for the next Top 3 Users with most Upvotes received and Solutions Authored!




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**bleep** you @karstenkohler!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I am annoyed that I am not able to be in thsis race anymore!!! (I would have totally won 🙃)

@karstenkoehler , @piersg , @Kevin-C well done and thank you.  Seriously, we could not make this community successful without you.  Now stop reading this and get back to work! 😛

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Hahaha, thanks @dennisedson and congrats @piersg and @Kevin-C!

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CONGRATS @karstenkoehler  and @piersg, and thank you Hubspot team!


The forums wouldn't be nearly as fun without all of you and you work!