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The App Accelerator Program is Going Global!

Hey Community,


Are you interested in building apps that solve for HubSpot’s customers' diverse needs? Are you an innovator that wants to contribute to HubSpot’s App Marketplace? If your answer is yes, check out the App Accelerator Program!


The HubSpot App Accelerator Program enlists HubSpot partners to build custom integrations and solutions targeting customer pain points that fall outside of HubSpot’s product team's normal scope while also supporting partners and ecosystem entrepreneurs. 


This year, the App Accelerator Program is expanding its scope to bring regional solutions and integrations to multi-market and international customers.  HubSpot partners have developed 12 apps to solve for global customers such as a payments gateway specific to Latin America and a chatbot that automatically translates your chat messages to 65+ world languages. 


Check out the May 2022 App Accelerator Apps Here


The App Accelerator is a great opportunity for partners as it increases the amplification and marketing of their new app. 


In addition, HubSpot Partners will be eligible to receive an investment from HubSpot’s Developer Track Fund for the first time in the App Accelerator Program’s History. A panel of HubSpotters will review the apps and select up to five organizations to receive a $50,000 to $150,000 USD investment by HubSpot to further develop their solutions.


Would you like to apply for the App Accelerator Program? Fill out this application here.


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