Sunset: Form Submission Notifications to Non-Users

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Sunset: Form Submission Notifications to Non-Users

What’s Changing:

Historically, HubSpot Forms have allowed you to set recipients for form submission notification as any email address, regardless of whether that email address was a user in that HubSpot portal. As of Jul 12, 2022, in order to receive these notifications, an email address must also be a user in the HubSpot portal the notification is from. 


What this means for you:

If your portal is impacted by this change, we have notified your Primary Point of contact, or Super admin users, and have provided a list of the email addresses that need to be invited as users in order to continue receiving these notifications. That email contained instructions on where to find the list of email addresses this affects, and how to invite them. 


When is this change happening: 

As of Jul 12, 2022 HubSpot is no longer sending form submission notifications to non-users. If you had non-user email addresses that previously received these notifications, once they are invited, and accept that invitation, they will begin receiving notifications again. You will not need to re-add them to any forms for the notifications to resume. 




What do I do with the link HubSpot sent me? 

This link will open your account's File Manager. On the right hand sidebar, you will see the specific file. On the right hand sidebar, you can select More >> Download to download the CSV .The file will contain the Email addresses, and which forms they have been notified about. We recommend deduplicating the column of email addresses, and inviting the email addresses you wish to continue receiving these notifications.


What happens after I invite them? 

Once invited, the email address will get an email asking them to accept the invitation and set up a login. Once they have accepted the invitation, they'll begin receiving the notifications again.


 Do I need to make changes to my forms? 

No. We have included details of the Forms/Landing pages in the files  if you want to know more, but you do not need to go form-by-form to make any changes. Simply invite the users from the list that you want to continue to receive notifications. 


I have Groups/Distros that receive these, like What do I do? 

You can invite distribution lists like any other email address. Someone who receives that distribution just needs to accept the invite.


I don't want to invite these people but I want them to be notified of Form Submissions. What should I do? 

  • There are 2 other options to get these notifications to email addresses you do not want to be users in your HubSpot portal. 
  • For Portals that have access to Workflows, You can create a workflow triggered on the form submission of the form you want to notify about, and create an action in the Workflow to send an internal marketing email that you can define as a non-user email. For this email,  use Personalization  tokens to pull in form submission answers. This option is best if you have 1, or only a few forms you want to send to the email addresses you do not want to invite as users. 
  • If you do not have access to Workflows in your HubSpot Subscription, or you have a large number of forms you want to trigger notifications off of, you can set up email-forwarding to the non-user emails through whatever email tool you use. 


I don't want these email addresses to receive these notifications anymore. What do I do? 

Nothing! After July 12 we have stopped sending notifications to non-users. You do not need to remove them from any forms or other locations in your portal. 


Why is HubSpot making this change? 

This change will help keep your portal data safe by consolidating the number of places in your HubSpot account you need to manage access permissions to your data.



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