[Register Now] Live Executive Discussion: Breaking Down the Silos in Your Company

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Join us in conversation on Friday, 1/22 with HubSpot Chief Customer Officer, Yamini Rangan and EVP of Revenue Operations, Alison Elworthy to hear how HubSpot dug into their internal operations to address misalignment and friction, to ultimately create a shared strategic vision and systems excellence.


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Are you feeling friction or misalignment in your internal operations today? Have you been thinking about how to break down the silos in your org? Comment below, and let us know how we can make this exectuive conversation actionable for you.


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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

I am enjoying this webinar! Thank you Yamini and Alison for helping our quest to elevate Ops!


Jen Bergren

Sr. Operations Manager

Remotish -- A HubSpot RevOps Agency

Member | Gold Partner

 This was a great session!  Loved the insights from Yamini and Alison.  Next time though, can you ask them to wear something without bold prints? 😉 The patterns and dalmatian looking shirt was a bit distracting. 😂  


A couple of take-aways for me were:

  • focusing on the customer at all levels of operations.  Yes, it's a MUST.  (especially as you are scaling)
  • speed is true for smaller-scale companies, the challenge is as you grow, how to keep teams from keeping to their silos.