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📢 Our biggest Black@INBOUND announcement yet! 📦🚀

If you haven't heard already, we're thrilled to announce that Black@INBOUND, an exclusive community for Black professionals, is about to upgrade to an innovative platform that will elevate engagement, connections, and opportunities!


Here at HubSpot, our commitment to fostering an inclusive community where everyone feels valued and empowered is unyielding. After taking in all of our members feedback - we are excited to be taking our community to the next level, and we can't wait for folks to join us! Here's a sneak peek at what members can expect:


1️⃣ A Fresh and Engaging User Interface: The new platform boasts a sleek and engaging user interface. The community experience will be both visually appealing and inviting. Members will discover an environment that invites them to explore, connect, and grow within the vibrant community.


2️⃣Enhanced Networking to Expand Your Reach: We know that connecting with like-minded professionals is vital for personal and professional growth. With our new platform, expect enhanced networking capabilities that will enable members to forge valuable connections, collaborate on exciting projects, and gain fresh perspectives from peers across the globe.


3️⃣  Engaging Discussions and Knowledge Sharing: We believe in the power of conversations and knowledge sharing to empower our community members. With the new platform, members can look forward to engaging discussions, vibrant forums, and valuable resources that will inspire you to keep learning, growing, and making an impact.


4️⃣Exclusive Events and Unique Opportunities: Of course, we will continue to offer exclusive webinars, workshops and networking events, and this new platform will make the events much easier to find for a seamless events experience


We will be sharing regular updates about the migration process, including key dates and instructions for accessing and utilizing the new platform. Rest assured, we'll try to make the transition as seamless as possible, with minimal disruption to members experience.


We can't contain our enthusiasm about this transition, and we hope you share our excitement by sharing our post with your LinkedIN network and beyond. If this community is for you, please join the waitlist here


- The Black@INBOUND Team

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