by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] Ads Optimization Events

Offline event syncing is here! Now, your ads can not only be targeted at the right users, but also optimized towards the right conversions by syncing your contact lifecycle data into Google and Facebook.

We know many of you are managing, reporting on, and optimizing your ads directly in Google and Facebook. We know this can be tough when all your conversion, lifecycle and pipeline data lives in HubSpot.

That's why we've built Ads Optimization events to support offline event syncing to the networks.

With offline event syncing, you have the ability to send -- to Google and Facebook -- lifecycle stage changes influenced by ad clicks.

Today, Facebook & Google only know that an ad was clicked on and not what happened afterward. So their algorithms will continue to optimize towards getting users to click.

With offline event syncing, a signal is sent directly to Google or Facebook every time a contact's lifecycle stage changes. So now, they'll know when a user became a lead or customer and how much that is worth to you. Which means they can start optimizing towards the most valuable leads for your business.

Advertising on Google and Facebook is a great way to get qualified leads. Making sure you're targeting the right potential customers has never been more important in today's saturated ad space.

Being highly relevant and highly targeted is essential for keeping your ad spend down and your ROI up. Check how it works here