Meet the Champion of the month: March 2021

by: Community Manager
Community Manager




Hi Community, 


I’m happy to announce our Champion of the Month for March 2021 is… 










Tim has been in the Community since January 2017 sharing his knowledge mainly in the Developer Forum! 


What makes Tim our Community Champion of the Month? 

Tim has authored 218 solutions accepted so far! He is one of our first Champions in our Developer forum and we couldn't be happier to have him on our side. 


@dennisedson relies on Tim to answer anything javascript and forms related.
If you want to see some cool tools for the HubSpot CMS, I encourage you to check out
If you ever have a question, Tim is always going to be there for you and follow up until you get your problem solved.


If you see him around the Community, say congrats! If one of his solutions answers your question, give him an upvote. And if you’re lucky enough to have him answer your question, accept his solution. 


Congratulations Tim! We are so lucky to have you in our Community and keep learning with you! 






Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner
Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner

Wow, Thank you @sharonlicari - I did not see this coming... completely unexpected.

TYSM for all the love and shoutouts. I'm looking forward to continuing being the "Big Guns" for @dennisedson (he can't survive without me).

Tim could easily be Champion of the Month every month 
Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
Top Contributor | Platinum Partner

I've never met a problem @tjoyce couldn't solve. Champion of all time. 

Member | Elite Partner
Member | Elite Partner

I work with Tim quite closely and I heartily endorse this award. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Congratulations @tjoyce! This is a well deserved honor!


You were an early adopter to the Community and it's been so great to have your continued thought leadership and feedback as we've grown over the past few years! Thank you for all you do, we are lucky to have you as a Community Champion!