Meet the Champion of the month: December 2020

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

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Hi Community, 


I’m happy to announce our Champion of the Month for December 2020 is… 






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Kevin has been in the Community since October 2018 sharing his knowledge in the CMS Developer forum! If you want to learn what Kevin’s passion is (including which social platform he relies on for web trends)., please check out our Humans of HubSpot post here. 


What makes Kevin our Community Champion of the Month? 


Kevin has authored 171 accepted solutions for the Community since 2018. You could see his name in the Marketing and CMS Developer forums. 

Kevin always goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others, sharing his expertise and knowledge, also in Spanish and German, even though is not his native language 🙂

Going that extra mile, Kevin is not the person who is going to answer a question and leave you.  He is going to stick with you to make sure that the solution is exactly what you need.  This type of community support is exactly what makes the HubSpot Community such a strong and vibrant place to confidently ask any question no matter how simple or complex.


I’d encourage you to connect with Kevin and congratulate him! If one of his solutions answers your question, give him an upvote. And if you’re lucky enough to have him answer your question, accept his solution. 


Congratulations Kevin! We are so lucky to have someone like you in our Community and keep learning with you! 


Stay tuned for the next Champion of the month!



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Kevin-C  you are amazing!!!!

Also, if your avatar is a picture of you playing the guitar, I think you are obligated to embed a video of you playing it in this thread. 

No pressure 😅

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This is awesome! Thank you @sharonlicari and everyone!


@dennisedson Actualy footage below:

Sounds about a good too…LOL!

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Community Manager

Congratulations @Kevin-C! 😄 

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Community Manager

Congratulations and thank you for your continuous contributions @Kevin-C !!