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Masters of Scale: 10 minutes of learning every day.

At HubSpot we’re passionate about continued learning and growth, both for yourself and your company.


To help ensure our community is always growing, HubSpot is partnering with Masters of Scale to gift our community a 50% discount off the founding membership price of the new Masters of Scale Courses App — a guided learning experience designed to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset through a daily practice of learning. 


This opportunity can be redeemed at  using code: HUBSPOT


The first 30-day Course called The Mindset of Scale is available in the App now — guided by Reid Hoffman Founder of LinkedIn — an experience which also offers all kinds of features, including note taking, setting reminders around key takeaways.


This powerful tool is the cornerstone benefit of Masters of Scale Membership. A program created for the hundreds of thousands of courageous founders and business owners in our community. Those who want to learn faster, meet each other, and connect more fully to our shared mission of democratizing entrepreneurship — and you’ll be a founding member


Click here to redeem using code: HUBSPOT