Introducing the HubSpot Community Blog

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

We are excited to announce the HubSpot Community Blog now live on the HubSpot Community.




The HubSpot Community Blog is a resource created by our Community for our Community focused on providing strategic information around succeeding with HubSpot. We know that you want to get the most out of HubSpot, hear from HubSpot pros and learn how to accomplish your goals within HubSpot - and we want to help you succeed. 


Over the next few weeks you’ll see us adding content from some HubSpot experts who happen to be HubSpot employees along with some Community members who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this blog.


We’ll also begin introducing content authored by Community members. Anyone interested in creating content is welcome to submit your content for review. For a full list of how to get involved in the HubSpot Community Blog, check out this post for more detail. 


Submit your post today

If you want to start reading the content today, check out the blog, now live in our Resource Center.




Hello Jenny!

I was wondering if Italians articles are allowed to be published. I'd like to write for HubSpot Blog but I don't think I'd able to write in English for that.



Thay's really wonderful. I have few amazing ideas and going for draftt shortly!



I sent an email to my contact list of over 1300. It only went to 200. This happened twice. Why?

HubSpot Alumni
HubSpot Alumni

Love it! Such a great new feature!

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

@JPedini Can you post your questions in the Marketing Discussions area


@PJohn We haven't received any submissions from you yet : (. Feel free to submit your ideas


@JessicaH Hey - I know you... .Great to see you here. Want to write a blog post.

Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Hi! This is a fun feature and I'm excited to see how it goes for everyone. 😁 Question: How do we hear if a submission was considered, approved or passed on? And when do we know if our post is live? I submitted an idea a couple weeks ago, and haven't heard anything about it. Thanks!