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Introducing Content Assistant and the Content Assistant Beta Group

Have you tried out HubSpot's AI Content Assistant? 


Content is key for generating revenue and converting your leads into customers, but can be time-consuming when we have writer's block or many other action items to focus on during our workday. 


What if we told you that Content Assistant could help save you valuable time and generate copy for blogs, social posts, prospecting emails, and much more all while working from your HubSpot account?


We are very excited to announce that Content Assistant entered the public beta phase recently and has lots of exciting features for marketing, sales, and service efforts. 


Learn more about Content Assistant and exciting use cases with HubSpot Academy Professor, Marc Hans: 



Have you tried out the Content Assistant yet? Would you like to discuss use cases with HubSpot community members?


We would love to hear from you in our Content Assistant Beta Group where you can ask questions, discuss use cases with your peers and share feedback. 


Join the community group here


Are you excited to try out Content Assistant? Check out these resources:

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