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Community Manager

As @Eugenia mentioned a few weeks ago, gamification changes are being introduced in the Community. 


Today, I am excited to announce the final structure and gamification path for the HubSpot Community. (To learn about new Community badges go to “How to Earn Badges in the HubSpot Community”


Before getting into the specifics, please know that these changes are intended to provide a path for thought leadership for all Community users. They will not impact your community experience beyond a new rank name and some new (and improved) badges on your profile page. Your user will not lose access to any programs or boards because of the new ranks.


Without further ado, we’re proud to announce the new gamification model. 





If you’re interested in a 4 minute video outlining the ranking structure, check out the video below. 


Let’s break it down: 


Our new gamification path will include two ways to rank up: through upvotes and through authored solutions. The benefit of this opportunity is that we will now have a way to reward users who want to engage in a conversation without the pressure of providing a solution. It also means that for users who do author solutions, you can receive credit for other users upvoting the solutions you provide.


The four core actions of participating in the Community are: 

  1. Replying to topics
  2. Giving upvotes
  3. Receiving upvotes
  4. Authoring solutions 


You can check how you’re doing on each of the core actions by going to your Community Profile page. To navigate to your Community Profile page log into the Community and click on Community Profile in the top orange menu.





All users will rank up by replying to topics and giving upvotes. Users will then rank up either by receiving upvotes or by authoring solutions. While accepted solutions provide a faster path to growth, both actions will be recognized and rewarded. 


We expect that users who author solutions will also receive upvotes, and this will work towards their ability to rank up through either their solutions or their upvotes. A user will rank up for whichever requirement they hit first. For example, if you author 10 accepted solutions and receive 500 upvotes, you will rank up because of the upvotes you receive. If you author 10 solutions and receive 0 upvotes, you will rank up because of the solutions you authored. 


Why the change?


The Community’s ranking structure was not transparent, and in many cases attainable for Community users. The goals of this redesign are: 

  1. Create a clear and transparent gamification system so everyone can participate. 
  2. Create achievable (and sometimes long term) goals for Community users. 
  3. Create a path for all users to feel recognized. 


Why are you treating Upvotes received and Accepted Solutions the same way? 


Accepted Solutions has been the main form of currency throughout the Community for over four years. As our conversations diversify beyond question and answer scenarios, we want to ensure users are recognized and rewarded for contributing in those conversations. Accepted solutions have been given twice the weight of upvotes because we do recognize the time and effort it takes to author a solution. Users who author solutions will continue to be recognized through our leaderboards and the Community Champions program. 


If you have any questions or feedback, please share it below! 

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Aww, I lost my esteemed contributor rank. Oh well! Thanks for the update, I did wonder how I got that rank in the first place and have been meaning to ask, so it's good to see how things work more transparently now.

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Guide | Diamond Partner



Thanks for the update 🙂