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International Women's Day 2022

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International Women’s Day is an annual global celebration of the social, political, and cultural achievements women have made to further equality, and calls to accelerate gender parity.


Coinciding with this celebration is Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to honor women's contributions to history and society.


Check out our programming for this month to engage in conversation with thought leaders:

  • CX Spotlight puts remarkable women in the spotlight from around the globe! This event is offered in English (3/8/22), German (3/10/22), Spanish (3/10/22), and Japanese (3/25/22)
  • Evento Virtual: #QuebreOPreconceito: Junta-se à nossa community manager @PamCotton para uma coversa sobre os desafios da Liderança Feminina no Brasil. 8 ​​de Março de 2022, 14h São Paulo | 13h Manaus
  • Women of HubFans: Virtual Coffee and Networking - Join the Women of HubFans for an hour of networking, learning from each other, and more on Wed., Mar 9, 9:00 AM (EST).

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Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with quotes from our HubSpot Champions, HubFans, and HubSpot Advocates!


@carolgiacon (Community Champion) - "Confie no seu instinto! Só sendo verdadeira com você e confiando que você sabe SIM do que está falando pode te levar a conquistar o seu espaço no mundo! Defenda o seu ponto de vista sempre e #quebreopreconceito". 


@MuseDebbie (HubFans Council) - "SiSTAR, You are not alone.
As we celebrate women around the world today, I wonder what Marie Curie would say?
“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.”
Today, I think Marie would be reminded of the personal decision that drove her to she stayed committed to her work even though she had to write 9 papers just to get 1 accepted into science.
When you find your gift that you know you enjoy and it adds value to the world, don't be afraid to shine that YOUnique light SiSTAR.
Arise and be the light on the path to hit our goals and break the bias together." 


@Gilempert (Community Champion) - "Las mujeres que estamos en el sector de la tecnología, tenemos un pensamiento resolutivo y buscamos generar un impacto positivo a nuestro alrededor. Si ves una mujer en tecnología, aliéntala, y apóyala (no es fácil defender tu voz en reuniones de 10 personas y tú siendo la única mujer). Y si tienes una niña motívala a que se relacione con el mundo STEM, que es muy amplio y seguramente alguna afinidad encontrará para que desarrolle estas habilidades tan importantes para su future. ¡Feliz día!" 

@amwilie (Community Champion) - "As a woman in tech, I think it's important to find a workplace where you're truly valued and supported. Tech is a space where imposter syndrome and burnout are prevalent and having people around you that appreciate not only your work and your opinions, but you as a person is a key component to thriving in the technology workspace.


@StephanieB (HubFans Council) - “I’m working in a full-time marketing role (community and events) and teaching part-time as an adjunct professor. I think there’s a bias that when people are confident with technology or work in tech they just know something other people don’t. But I believe the opposite is actually true. It’s what we don’t know that makes us thrive. We’re constantly curious and not afraid to find the answers no matter what.”


@marykashima (Community Champion)





"I used to make excuses for not finding meaning in working or being physically weak.
However, by making the best use of digital technology that fits me (that was HubSpot), my world has expanded so much.
I would be very happy if I could enrich other people's way of life with digital technology as much as possible.

Thanks to the workers of the past, my current work style is established.
And our future work style is an accumulation of our current work style.

I am grateful for this environment that accepts my business style."


@RomyFuchs1 (Community Champion) - "I have been working with the HubSpot software for my employers and their clients for more than 8 years now. Anyone who thinks that only men are capable of operating digital technologies is mistaken. We women can do it at least as well. And for all those who still want to learn, there are certainly one or two women here in the community who can actively support them. You haven't yet found the right employer to help you balance work and family? Please feel free to contact me."


@Lucila-Andimol (Community Champion) - 

  1. "La mujer posee una visión horizontal natural que le permite integrar todos sus mundos y lograr una sinergia especial tanto en su ámbito personal como laboral, nos hace únicas. Esto en el mundo de la tecnología plantea un futuro esperanzador."
  2. "Ser mujer en un mundo tecnológico implica tener confianza en nuestros conocimientos y experiencias, coraje para hacer valer nuestras opiniones, humildad para aprender de nuestros pares, constancia y curiosidad seguir aprendiendo y amor para compartirlo con otras que estén comenzando su camino."