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HubSpot Employee

Industry Guides to Connection in the Age of AI

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Did you know that HubSpot just published three industry guides designed to help you learn how to approach customer connection in the age of AI?


That’s right! Today at INBOUND 2023, HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan talked all about the importance of customer connection and AI in your growth strategy. For example, she shared that HubSpot customers in the top 20% of connection grew over 5x more than the average customers.


And now you can dig deeper into Yamini’s insights with “A Guide to Connection in the Age of AI” written specifically for the professional services, software and IT, and manufacturing industries. Don’t fall into one of those buckets? Don’t worry! These insights are impactful for anyone using HubSpot.





Here are a few things you’ll find inside the guides:


  • Industry Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of how AI is reshaping the business landscape and the opportunities it presents for growth.
  • Strategies for Success: Learn actionable strategies to effectively market, sell, and support your customers in this AI-powered era.
  • Best Practices: Explore real-world case studies and best practices from successful HubSpot customers in your industry that have embraced the power of customer connection.
  • Personalization at Scale: Discover how AI-driven personalization can drive engagement and loyalty, even as your customer base expands.
  • Inventory and Checklist. See where you’re at and get suggestions for next steps on your customer connection journey.


Check out all three of the industry guides here. Or, use these links below to zoom off to your industry of choice:



Share your thoughts on customer connection and AI below. What customer connection strategies are you using today? What kinds of things would you like to start doing with AI to supercharge your business and help forge deeper customer connections?