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HubSpot's WhatsApp Integration for Marketing and Customer Service Teams

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Hey Community,


Did you know that Marketing Hub and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise recently introduced the Whatsapp Integration


Building and fostering customer relationships takes time. What if we told you that you can build human connections at scale while meeting the customer where they are in a meaningful and frictionless way? 


HubSpot’s Whatsapp Integration enables marketers and customer service and support teams to quickly connect with customers while tracking all customer conversations in one unified location using HubSpot tools such as the conversations inbox and workflows.


I wanted to share a few highlights of the app for marketing and customer service and support teams:


Marketing Highlights & Use Cases: 

  • Whatsapp is a new channel to reach customers in a world where ads and traditional outreach can cause fatigue. 
  • Automate welcome messaging and send personalized messages to customers based on their purchases. 
  • Automated abandoned cart texts.
  • Trigger a Whatsapp message via a HubSpot workflow when a form is submitted.


Service and Support Highlights & Use Cases

  • Have a two-way conversation with your customers as they do with friends and family. 
  • View conversation history from the shared inbox, enabling your team to offer a seamless customer experience.
  • Share ticket status updates and notifications instantly.
  • Build an omnichannel service desk.
  • Collect customer feedback while having a conversation with a customer. ‘


Are you interested in learning more about HubSpot's Whatsapp Integration? 

Check out these resources:


Have you started using HubSpot’s Whatsapp Integration? If so, share your first impressions and use cases below.