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HubSpot's Global Week of Rest | July 1 - 5, 2024

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Hello Community,

Three years ago, HubSpot introduced a Global Week of Rest as part of our long-term plan to prevent and combat burnout. This is a time when our team members collectively take time off to recharge. This year's Global Week of Rest will take place from July 1 to July 5, 2024.


What is the Global Week of Rest?

The Global Week of Rest is our way of recharging, stimulating creativity, and returning fully energized to offer the best possible service to you. During this period, the entire HubSpot team around the world will take a well-deserved break to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. This is an investment in the people and teams at HubSpot who work tirelessly to support our customers in growing their businesses.


Why is this important?

Our goal is to ensure that all our team members are in their best mental and physical state. A rested team is a happier and more productive team! Additionally, we believe this collective pause reinforces our commitment to everyone's well-being and mental health.


What to expect?

During this week, we will be operating with a reduced staff, but we will be available to address any urgent issues.


Our global support team will be available to assist customers via email to answer urgent questions. Our Community will remain open for conversations with your peers and will have limited coverage for urgent matters if the Community is your support channel.


Please be aware that responses to non-customer support inquiries through the community may be delayed. We will address these inquiries and requests the week of July 8, 2024.


All Product Ideas submitted during this week will be moderated and you will not see your submission immediately and approvals may take some time.


Study groups will be closed for the duration of the Week of Rest. This is to ensure everyone gets a well-deserved break! We'll be back on July 8th.


What can I do?

You can check the status of all HubSpot tools in real time by visiting Any disruptions on the status page have already been identified by the product team, and monitoring this space will be the best way to get updates on these issues.


You can email Support about questions or problems with HubSpot products through the help widget in the app, located in the bottom right corner of each page. Be as detailed as possible in your request, this will help us prioritize it better.

You can find more information on how to contact Support here.


Urgent inquiries about outstanding accounts can be sent to We recommend contacting us about invoices before June 26 to ensure you receive a response before the Week of Rest.


If you need non-urgent assistance or advice during this time period, we encourage you to also explore our other resources, including Community, our Knowledge Base and HubSpot Academy.


If you have an upcoming renewal, we recommend working with your customer success team before the global week of rest to finalize details.


If you have any questions, we recommend contacting your HubSpot representative so they can help you develop a proactive plan before the global week of rest.


Take this time to reflect on your own rest and well-being practices. How about taking some time for yourself too?

Until then, take care and see you soon!


Warm regards,

The HubSpot Team