HubSpot Idea Exchange Submission Guidelines

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

HubSpot Idea Exchange Submission Guidelines

Your ideas are important to HubSpot and we take every one seriously.  Before you get started, make sure you review the following.


Searching and voting for existing Ideas
First and foremost, remember to search!  We’d hate for you to waste your time writing something up that has already been submitted or already has multiple votes / an answer.

Posting a new idea

To help our Product Team and others in the Community really understand what you are suggesting, try to position the idea in the form of user stories and be sure to include your rationale and an idea of customer value. The more our Product Team knows about an idea – who it’s for, what the motivation is, and what the actual item is, the more accurate they can be when it comes time to prioritize and scope it.


Consider using the following user story format: As a (role) I want (something) so that (benefit). 


- Role: who (what type of user) is the feature for?

- Something: what is it that the user wants to do – the goal and/or desire

- The Benefit: why do they need it – what do they need to accomplish? What value do they derive from the feature?
- Include the product / tool your idea is about (e.g. Deals, Call Queue, Design Manager, Sources Report) and categorized your idea with the correct product label.
- Screenshots, pictures, drawings, process diagrams, are helpful

- Examples of other places or products where you’ve seen the feature or something like it
- A sense of priority or desired timeframe.


...Most importantly, don’t forget to fulfill your civic duty (as an employee or customer) and VOTE for those items you like and agree with by giving the idea a Kudos.


Status Definitions and Process

Every idea has merit – we’ll endeavor to review each one in a timely manner and put it through the paces to determine community and customer value, viability, and fit with HubSpot's product strategy and vision. Each idea will be moved through a disposition lifecycle, described below.


New Idea - brand new ideas, submitted by you, are ready to be voted on. We’ll set each of these ideas on a course to get feedback from the community and a definitive status update from HubSpot's product team.


Needs Detail - a new idea might need clarification or additional feedback to help us gauge its customer impact. Ideas with this status will be open to the community for votes and constructive comments to help us make a better decision. We’ll give everyone a few weeks to pipe in, before moving the idea forward or providing another resolution.


In Planning - once the community has had a chance to comment and vote, Product will review to determine market fit and initial technical scoping and update an idea to this status if it is already on or newly added to the roadmap. Items may be in this status for a couple weeks or months as we work to develop the feature.


Not Planned - due to lack of strategic fit or technical feasibility, ideas with this status are not being considered for the product roadmap and cannot be implemented by our services department or partner network without some major heavy lifting. Thank you for your contribution, every idea has merit.


In Beta - great news, this feature is currently in Beta, check out the full details of this new feature and it's roadmap here. You can join the HubSpot Usability & Beta Program here.


Delivered – Wahey! The idea has been implemented (or already exists) and delivered to our customers.

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Contributor | Platinum Partner
Contributor | Platinum Partner

HubSpot Idea Exchange Submission Guidelines


There have been several requests and ideas posted requesting time tracking in HubSpot Projects and Tasks. This allow us to record time to perform certain tasks to understand our costs and in some cases billable hours for projects we do for our clients.


I noticed in the ideas and request was marked as "Solved" back in 2017 -

However, this capability is not been added to the HubSpot Projects and Tasks as people have been requesting. What does "Solved" really mean in this situation? If it just means that the question was answered (we don't have it) then it is still an outstanding idea, request and issue. Do you start another idea request again?