by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Feedback Wanted] Claim your HubSpot Network Profile in the HubSpot Directory

If you’re an active learner in HubSpot Academy or an accomplished member of the HubSpot Community, you may have been invited to Join the HubSpot Network and claim your profile in the HubSpot Network Beta. If not, all HubSpot users are welcome to claim a profile and use it to display their HubSpot skills and achievements, and get found in the HubSpot Directory.


🌎 Claim your profile to join the HubSpot Network 


HubSpot Network is in its early stages, but our goal is to give all HubSpot users around the world a way to showcase their HubSpot expertise in one shareable profile URL. You can use the Directory to find other HubSpot users based on their geography, industry, company, and the business goals they’re looking to achieve. Looking to hire someone with Marketing Hub expertises? They’re right here. Looking to meet HubSpot users in Boston? Connect with these rockstars. (And don't worry, new members are joining every day!)


As our engineers build the initial features, and we invite more users to join the directory, I’d love to learn from our community members how we can make the profile and directory more helpful, what features you’d like to see, and how you might use the HubSpot Profile to further your career and grow your business.

Thank you!