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Customer Advocacy Guidelines

HubFans, the new HubSpot Advocacy program is here!


This program is for you if you want to:

  • Get access to exclusive events and educational content
  • Connect with other advanced users of HubSpot
  • Build your brand and reputation as the leading HubSpot expert
  • Be featured in HubSpot content and share your HubSpot success stories
  • Help others understand what’s possible with HubSpot by speaking at events, taking reference calls, and writing blog posts 
  • Have fun with a group of like-minded individuals who love HubSpot as much as you do.




HubFans Program Rules


Welcome to HubFans, a new HubSpot advocacy program! HubFans is for you if you’d like to learn, help other HubSpot users understand what’s possible with HubSpot, and grow your professional brand - all while embarking on a star-collecting mission in an atmosphere of friendly competition for the top spot on the HubFans leaderboard.

Getting Started

It’s very easy to get started on HubFans. Just go to the HubFans page in the Community, browse available challenges, and complete the ones you’re interested in. Here are some of the recommended challenges to help you get started:

  • take an “Introduce yourself” challenge
  • check out HubFans Program Rules
  • take a HubFans Welcome Survey to tell us more about yourself and your expectations from the program
  • join the HubSpot Customer Reference program to connect with prospective customers and build your reputation as a HubSpot expert
  • submit a testimonial about your favorite HubSpot product.


You can earn HubFans points for completing each HubFans challenge and badges for some of the challenges. Points and badges that you earn will appear on your HubFans dashboard to the right of the challenges. As you earn more points, you’ll start moving up the HubFans ranks - from a HubFans all the way to an AllStar HubFans - earning prizes and getting access to more benefits.

HubFans Ranks and Points

HubFans ranks mark the major milestones along your advocacy journey. They showcase your contributions and expertise. To reach each HubFans rank you need to collect a certain number of points.


There are 4 ranks in HubFans: 


Rank 1: HubFans (1 - 999 points)


Rank 2: Rising HubFans (1,000 - 2,499 points)


Rank 3: Super HubFans (2,500 - 4,999 points)


Rank 4: AllStar HubFans (5,000+ points)


Start completing challenges to fly up the ranks and one day become an AllStar HubFan.


Earning points


The most straightforward way to earn points in HubFans is to start taking HubFans’ challenges either on the HubFans page or as they pop up in a chat-like window in the HubSpot Community. You might occasionally receive an invitation to participate in advocacy opportunities in an email from the HubSpot team, or your customer success manager.


Additionally, you can receive HubFans points for being a member or alumni of some other HubSpot programs like the Community Champions, or the HubSpot Customer Advisory Board.


You can also receive HubFans points if you participated in a case study with HubSpot, spoke at a HubSpot webinar, published a post in the Community User blog, were featured in an Academy course, or on HubSpot’s social media channel, or promoted HubSpot in other ways. To make sure you get your points, reach out to


Although in most cases your HubFans points will appear on your HubFans dashboard and your Community profile immediately after you completed an advocacy challenge, in some cases, it might take up to 5 business days for the points to be assigned to you.


HubFan Badges

In addition to points, for some challenges, you can earn HubFans badges.

You’ll see your four most recent badges in My Recent Achievements section on the HubFans page.


To see all the badges you earned in HubFans go to either:

  • “Completed” view on the HubFans page. There you’ll see a list of all the challenges your completed and badges you earned; or
  • HubFans Rank and Badges section on your Community profile. To see all your HubFans badges click on “View All badges” under the HubFans badges section.

HubFans Council: a private group for the top advocates

Once you reach the rank of AllStar HubFan you’ll be invited to join a private group for the top HubSpot advocates, called the HubFans Council. As a member of HubFans Council, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with other top advocates, learn from each other, and get access to exclusive events and content. You’ll be given opportunities to speak at community events, be a voice for advocates and provide feedback for future programming, etc.


Expiration of HubFans points, ranks, and benefits


If an advocate hasn’t been active in HubFans and hasn’t earned any new points in the previous 12 months their points will expire and their point balance will go to zero. Their rank will go down to Rank 1 - HubFans. They’ll lose access to all the program benefits above the HubFans rank, including access to the HubFans Council.


In order to maintain HubFans Council status, you need to earn at least 1,000 points annually.

HubFans Benefits

Going up the HubFans ranks is prestigious and gives a lot of credibility to your brand as a HubSpot advocate. But the best part is that as you fly up the ranks you get access to more and more benefits!


HubFans benefits include:

  • Rank 1 (HubFans):
  • Rank 2 (Rising HubFans):
    • All benefits of Rank 1
    • Invitation to exclusive events
  • Rank 3 (Super HubFans):
    • All benefits of Rank 2
    • Small-group networking sessions
    • Quarterly program calls
  • Rank 4 (AllStar HubFans):
    • All benefits of Rank 3
    • Invitation to HubFans Council, a private group for the top advocates 
    • Speaking opportunities within the community
    • 1:1 access to experts at HubSpot.
  • HubFans Council:
    • Private community group within the community
    • Inclusion in external HubSpot Speaker List
    • Opportunity to represent HubSpot in external communities and events

Additional benefits for all program members include top user recognition (based on product usage), prizes, and HubSpot swag for one-off activities.


Stay tuned as we’ll be adding more benefits in 2022!

Frequently Asked Questions


Are HubSpot solution providers eligible to participate in HubFans?


  • Yes, solution providers are welcome to join HubFans, although some HubFans challenges won’t be relevant for them. For example, only HubSpot customers who are not HubSpot business partners can review HubSpot on customer review websites.


I was a HubSpot advocate before HubFans was officially launched. Can I get points or badges for my prior contributions?


  • We’d love to recognize you for your prior contributions. Please reach out to the HubFans team at


How do I add my HubFans badge to LinkedIn?


  • Save your badge as an image. To add it to your current experience on LinkedIn go to your LinkedIn profile, scroll down to the Experience section and click on a pencil icon to edit it. In the Edit window scroll down to the Media section at the end and click Upload to add your badge. You can also share your badge as a post in your LinkedIn feed.


I have other questions!

  • We’re happy to help! Reach out to the HubFans team at


HubSpot Community Terms of Use


HubFans is part of the HubSpot Community. To check the terms that apply to your use of the HubSpot Community go here.