Community Wrap up for 2020

by: Community Manager
Community Manager




As 2020 wraps up, we wanted to take a moment to recap some of the highlights on the Community over the past 12 months. 


Before we share some amazing results and most viewed posts, the Community team and HubSpot want to thank all of you for your contributions, questions, and conversations on the Community in 2020. You all play a role in making our Community as vibrant and lively as it is, and it wouldn't be the same without you.



2020 in Numbers:







New Community Champions members. We grew the Community Champions program by 100% this year. We're ending the year with 62 members in this program.  









4 Million Pages Views








Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 10.01.14.png




4,389 Solutions Accepted












69,058 Upvotes Given









31,121 New Members







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  18,295 New Conversations








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Top 10 viewed posts in 2020


  1. Marketing Email & Deliverability Resource
  2. Q&A with The Road to RevOps Panelists
  3. Ask Me Anything: Custom Objects
  4. [HOW TO] build a connection for HubSpot Forms API to all website forms by passing the GuID for the f...
  5. CMS Hub: Ask Us Anything
  6. How to implement Webhooks in HubSpot, and how do they differ from an API?
  7. HubSpot "Aha-Moments"
  8. How to A/B test within a Workflow (workaround with guide video) 
  9. Quick Tip: How to create a custom Lifecycle Stage property
  10. Who has opened my sequence? (workaround with guide video)


Top 10 upvoted posts in 2020


  1. Continue the Conversation: Work Your Workflows
  2. [Closed] Exclusive CMS Hub AMA (Nov 16)
  3. Hubspot Tracking Code
  4. Playbooks - Drag and Drop Editing
  5. How to Create Custom Blog Post Summaries for Blog Listing Pages
  6. Change value of input depending of the select option
  7. Adding personalisation from a URL query to a landing page
  8. Happy 4th Anniversary Community!
  9. HubL - if all but last blog listing page?
  10. Week of 10/12: Exciting Opportunity: Naming of new Advocacy Program


Screenshot 2020-07-01 at 13.49.09.png



Thank you so much for your contributions this year!







2020 was our best year yet in the Community and we know 2021 will be even better. We are excited to grow and improve our Community, and to have your input and insights along the way. 


We hope everyone has a restful holiday season and are sending you all wishes for a healthy and hopeful 2021! 


The Community Team


Happy Holidays from the Community TeamHappy Holidays from the Community Team


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Community Manager

Welcome new Community users @DAndrews7@DHubbard @dkuppalli @DWong @EDeeble @EPoroshkina @fatif @GLiquori  @GabG @GCubillas @GMarks @GDavis @HColeman @HElHarakeh @ERetraite @IStack @JacobThomasMPLS @jaskeller @JShapot @VLee, wanted to share our Community wrap for 2020, and we wish you a restful holiday season!



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