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Community January 2024 Update: Introducing the New Search Experience

Hey Community,


We’ve got some exciting news to share with you to kick off this new year!  


We have launched the federated search experience on the Community, which now integrates results from, HubSpot’s official help center. 


If you’re wondering what federated search is, we’ve got you covered. Federated search is a search process that allows users to simultaneously search for content on multiple databases or search engines from a single interface.


This update is a big step towards enhancing your community search experience and providing more comprehensive results.


Please note that while federated search is currently available in all language communities, it has not been fully localized yet. But don’t worry, we are actively working on localizing it as we speak.


To get started and learn more about how to use federated search, check out this guide below on how it works: 


1. The Pop Up Suggestion when you’re typing something in the search bar




2. The Global Search Page - GIF below on what it looks like 





As you can see, you can filter to choose which type of additional resources you’re looking for. It can be: 

  • From HubSpot Knowledge Base
  • From HubSpot Academy
  • From HubSpot API or CMS documentation
  • From the HubSpot’s Customer Blog 


You can filter by language on that page. 


We highly value your feedback on this topic, so we have created a feedback form where you can share your thoughts and suggestions. Alternatively, you can also reply directly to this post below. ⬇️

Share your thoughts here 


We can’t wait to hear what you think and appreciate your valuable input in making this feature even better for everyone.


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