Amplifying underrepresented voices in HubSpot’s marketing efforts

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

As part of HubSpot’s commitment to support minority communities and become stronger allies, we’re looking for inspirational voices from underrepresented communities to highlight in our marketing efforts. We’re also looking to folks to provide feedback on how our campaigns can be more inclusive. Whether you’re a member of the Black community, a person of color, LGBTQ+, a military veteran, a person with a disability, a returner to the workforce, or someone who identifies with one of many other underrepresented communities, we want to hear from you.


Even if you don’t identify with one of the above communities, we still want to hear from you. Please share stories of minority owned or led businesses who inspire you.


*At this time, we cannot guarantee inclusion in a campaign. We are hoping to get a sense of interest and availability. If you have additional questions, please contact


Thank you for starting this conversation. I look forward to following this space to find businesses I can support, and ways I can make change at my own company and in my life!  

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

I've been so impressed with our customers. Posting a few interesting stories here to hopefully get the conversation going. 


First up - ClassPass: Fitness studios and gyms have been hit hard as millions are staying home. Many of these studios are run by small business owners who may not be able to afford rent or pay their employees while shutdown, so ClassPass has launched a new feature to enable fitness and wellness partners to offer live-streamed classes through their app and website.

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

One person I really admire is Angelica Ross - she founded TransTech Social Enterprises, which is a firm that helps develop LGBTQ+ talent and connects them with employment in the tech industry. I first heard about her through this podcast!


East Road Beverages (based in MD) has switched from producing alcohol to hand sanitizer in response to COVID-19. Smiley Happy They're distributing the hand sanitizer to local super market employees as well!


I originally found the business through BWS (Official Black Wall Street). 


Don't know if they're a HubSpot customer, but still an awesome story. Definitely will post others here as I come across them!


Heros footwear is a black owned business focused on creating shoes based on customer feedback. I really like what they stand for: "The core of our ethos is to be a company that always gives back to the community and the environment." Additionally they give back a portion of their proceeds to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 


Thank you,


Contributor | Partner
Contributor | Partner

Yes, Thanks for this conversation! Recently, Naturally Bay Area (supporting new and existing food and beverage companies in the Bay Area with hqtrs in Boulder, CO) hosted an event titled "Building Brands: In A Diverse & Inclusive World Confirmation". Each speaker had amazing stories and are building new brands around amazing foods.


Kirk Visola, Founder & Creative Director at MIND THE FONT® (a black-owned & operated full-service design agency headquartered in the Bay Area) will lead a conversation on the below:

Brand design process, including considerations regarding justice, equity, diversity & inclusion, and the benefits of creating authentic brand propositions.

Stories from three company founders who are chosen for the MIND THE FONT Empowered Initiative, including what inspired their brands’ missions and products.


  • Kirk shares the importance of considering justice, equity, diversity & inclusion when developing authentic branding
  • Kirk also introduces the 3 recipient winners of MIND THE FONT’S Empowered Initiative – which offers a free Brand Design Package to minority-owned or minority community-focused brands
    • Regina Trillo, Nemi Holisticks
    • Zachary En’Wezoh, Bissy Energy Drinks
    • Thereasa Black, Amore Congelato
  • These three winning founders shared the mission & inspiration behind each of their food/beverage businesses.


  • Featured Guest: Kirk Visola, MIND THE FONT

  • Moderator:  Pete Brennan, Co-Founder, Soñar Foods & Naturally Bay Area board member


  • Click HERE to view video

About the MTF Empowered Initiative*

The MTF Empowered Initiative (a program sponsored by MIND THE FONT) will award three minority-owned or minority community-focused brands a “Brand Design Package” including free brand design (or re-design) work consisting of concept development, logo design, commercial-ready packaging for up to three products, and up to five launch collateral pieces.





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