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We’re excited to host an exclusive ask-me-anything session right here in #OpsLife with Brad Couture, Marketing Operations Manager @ Tulip Interfaces. Brad manages all things marketing & sales tech related in his role, (Marketo, SFDC, Leandata, Zoominfo, Salesloft) but lives Marketo on a day to day basis. (POPs, COPs, & MIOPs) Brad used to work at HubSpot, too!


Brad CoutureBrad CoutureOn Thursday 1/28 at 1:30pm ET, Brad will be joining me (details below) to talk about all things MOps, so if you can't join us live, be sure to leave your questions on this thread before then or UPVOTE questions you want more detail on.


Here are some examples of things to ask Brad about:


  • Data strategy
  • Marketing Operations
  • HubSpot vs Marketo
  • Automation
  • Platforms
  • Systems strategy 

Live AMA Details

Zoom Link: Click here or paste into your browser https://hubspot.zoom.us/j/94705522074?pwd=RE9iTUU4NC94ZCsxK3lRREFiVmdMUT09

Passcode: 830623

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Wanted to share this AMA with a Marketing Ops Expert





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New to the community. Hope to learn fast. This will be fun.

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Staying up late for this! 🙂

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@SarahMedilo wrote:

Staying up late for this! 🙂

@SarahMedilo , we ended up moving this to Thursday for human reasons. I hope you can still come! If you can't what did you want to ask Brad? I'll make sure we cover it. 

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Oh ok thanks a few of us were in there and waiting didn't know it was moved. Darn it conflicts with another hubspot webinar



Can't make it Thursday but here are just a couple of questions I had. 


1. What are some automation projects you are most proud of? 


2. If you have had the chance to set it up, what are some of the differences in marketing attribution reporting in LeanData vs Marketo vs Hubspot? 




- Cassie


Hey @CVera !


Bummed you couldn't make it today. 

1. Two projects come top of mind when I think about automation projects. The first being our "Central Processor" which is really a bunch of pieces of automation that are tied together to centrally manage all new lead processing. The automation is set up like building blocks, all daisy chained together so that there are no race conditions. It is responsible for all of our operational processing upon new lead creation like marking leads for our Salesforce Sync, tagging them for ABM purposes, enriching them via Zoominfo, scoring, and sorting them into their appropriate lifecycle stage. Since they are all daisy chained together, one process doesn't start until the previous one finishes, so we hardly run into any race conditions (leads being sync'd to Salesforce before being scored or sorted into the correct lifecycle stage). 

The second project being a testing program we are running for some of our free trial signups. Which basically selects a subgroup of our signups (new signups only that are US based and meet some ideal persona requirements) and randomly sorts them into a test nurture/drip campaign we wanted to run and measure results against our normal free trial drip sequence. It was a lot of fun to set up and included tying different pieces of automation together, utilizing smart lists, and a randomizer workflow that sorts 50% of our ideal leads into the test drip campaign vs our regular one. 

2. We are still pretty early on in our attribution reporting. Currently we use Marketo's out of the box reporting for FT & MT, and it seems to get the job done for what we need (atleast for now). It basically just uses the lead's campaign/program that was responsible for generating the lead  & does some calculations based on the opportunity amount and attributes it to the campaign/program. It does something similar for multi-touch and weights them evenly, but looks at ALL the campaigns/programs that the lead reached a "success" status. 

We haven't found the need to build any custom models, and it does what we need it to do. 

When it comes to other vendors, we actually researched Leandata's attribution tools, but apparently they are sunsetting that add-on and don't sell it anymore? Bizible (Marketo's add on attribution tool)  seems to be overkill for what we need right now but allows you to build some complex & custom models. I do have to say....the last time I looked at HubSpot's revenue attribution stuff, it seemed very intuitive and came out of the box with more models than just first touch or even distribution, and of course is easy to set up and build reports 🙂


Leandata: Doesn't seem to exist anymore
Marketo: Has varying levels of fuctionality, some out of the box some custom but requires more heavy lifting to get it set up
HubSpot: Out of the box, different models, fairly easy to set up


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Is there a link to the recording? The current link tries to join a meeting. 🙂 Thanks!