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⭐️ [Highlights of the month] October 2020 ⭐️

Hi everyone!


It’s been an exciting month on the Community and a lot of things have happened.

We want to take the opportunity to look back and reflect on some highlights.


  1. Community Design Updates: We launched some small but exciting new features. Here you can check out a summary.
  2. Humans of HubSpot: We introduced a new board so you can get to know the person behind the user name! 
  3. Community Manager AMA: Do you want to know who we are? Ask us Anything! 
  4. Newsletter: In the background, we’ve been working on our first Community Newsletter which will be sent out on 2nd November. Sign up here!
  5. New homepage design: We introduced a new look on our Community homepage this week! You can learn more about it in this post!
  6. Top ideas from October: Check out the top ideas submitted in October and the buzziest betas available. Learn more here.


What are you most excited about? 



Whether you are celebrating the change of seasons, looking forward to the upcoming holidays or hoping for more treats than tricks over the weekend the Community Team wishes you Happy Halloween! 🎃🍂👻