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by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Meet the Champion of the month: July 2023

Hello Community!


I am thrilled to announce our Champion of the Month for July 2023:


Bruno Teixeira 🎉






Let's all give a round of applause to Bruno for his outstanding contributions to our Community 👏👏👏


What makes Bruno our Community Champion of the Month?


Since joining the HubSpot Community in 2019, Bruno has been an essential resource, offering expertise across numerous areas including CMS, Marketing, CTAs, and Reporting. His contributions have been particularly notable within the FR and PT Communities. With a total of 106 accepted solutions and 592 upvotes to his name, Bruno has become a trusted go-to resource for HubSpot users in need of assistance.

Whether you need assistance with Reporting, workflow, or general guidance, Bruno is an ideal Champion to turn to. His wealth of knowledge and impressive skillset are just a few of the factors that make him an exceptional contributor to our Community.

Bruno has shared some fantastic content with us over the last years. Take a look at his Community Profile to see all his hard work and high-quality answers. 


Let's give a big shoutout 📣 to Bruno for earning the highly-regarded title of Champion of the Month! When interacting with him in the Community, be sure to congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition. If he lends a hand and provides you with a useful solution, show your appreciation by accepting his answer and giving an upvote.


Thank you for your dedication, Bruno - your hard work is truly appreciated. We're lucky to have you in our Community and can't wait to keep growing and learning alongside you in the years to come.