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Using HubSpot payments with Sales Hub to boost growth and get quick wins

What is HubSpot payments and how will it change how you do business?


Yes, having access to Products and Quotes is amazing, and when you hit that point in your growth, you’ll be ready for Sales Hub Pro or even Enterprise, but how do you get there?


Sign up for access to payments, yesterday.


As soon as I got the invite, I signed up for access to payments for my small side project. I just launched a one-page website last month, I haven’t started my blog, and I don’t have anything to sell, yet.


So why did I sign up?


When I first started using HubSpot, I discovered that learning the tools and their capabilities goes a long way toward developing an effective sales and marketing strategy. It’s like having a tool in the toolbox that you don’t need until the next phase of construction, you’re going to need it to get the job done eventually, so you might as well learn how to use it.


And in my day job, I work with HubSpot customers around the world, so even though HubSpot payments are only available in the U.S., I’ll have firsthand experience that will help in the long run.


Enough about my reasons, what you really want to know is why you should sign up, right?


Aside from learning the tool for later, you can absolutely start using it TODAY.


Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 3.31.25 PM.png


Setting up payments in HubSpot

After you’re approved to start collecting payments, you’ll be ready to set up payment links.


In your HubSpot Settings, go to Objects → Products → Payment Links



Next, you’ll need to add items you want to sell, don’t worry, access to products is not required - just click Create custom line item and you’re on your way!




To get started, you’ll need a Name, Description, Quantity, Unit Price, and Billing Frequency.





HubSpot makes it super easy to add multiple items if you need to; simply click Save and add another; otherwise, click save to take it to the next step.


Now we have our line items and can create the payment link.




This is where you’ll set the internal name for the link and determine how to handle the deal in your pipeline:


Closed won, check! 





There are additional details required to complete the link setup, like who should get the email, what types of payment you’ll accept, billing and shipping details, and checkout confirmation.


It’s ok if you haven’t customized all of this, start with the default confirmation page and work on a custom thank you page once you’ve got everything in place and have sales coming in.


Then you’ll get to see a preview of the page (your logo will be at the top, I’ve scrolled to hide mine).





One more click to confirm, and you’ve created your first payment link to start selling on your website!


5 Quick win ideas to fuel your flywheel with HubSpot payments

Getting started is the hardest part, like my husband told me when we were training to run a marathon all those years ago, “The hardest part is putting on your shoes, once you’ve done that, the rest is easy.”


Commit to selling online and you can make it happen, don’t start with your most complicated product or service, find quick wins that allow you to generate additional income streams so you can figure out what’s going to work best for you.


Tips for brainstorming your quick win ideas:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make sure it is adding value
  • Make sure you can deliver on your promise

There’s no bad idea in brainstorming, get everyone on the team involved in coming up with initial ideas and see what sticks.


Here are 5 questions to help jumpstart your quick win strategy:


  1. What is a value-add you can provide your existing customers?
  2. Can you offer a consultation or an introductory offer to generate new leads?
  3. Are there packages you can offer at a flat rate and deliver at a set frequency?
  4. Is there a subscription-based service you can provide monthly or quarterly?
  5. Do you have experts on your team that can offer additional services?


So, what’s the answer? How can you provide more value to your customers and increase sales with HubSpot payments? The key is to think outside the box and offer additional services that complement your existing product line. By providing a little bit of extra value, you can encourage customers to stick with you, while also generating leads for new business.

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