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by: Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner

Don't Overlook Playbooks, Your HubSpot Sales Hub MVP

Picking your favorite HubSpot Sales Hub feature is like picking a favorite child. You can do it, but someone’s going to be mad. 


With that said, among all the helpful tools built into HubSpot, I do have one I like to highlight.


One of the most overlooked features of Sales Hub, in my experience, is Playbooks.


(Sorry, product managers of sequences,  quotes, and deals. 😂)


Storytime. At Impulse Creative, I work with new HubSpot customers in the Partner Scaled Onboarding (PSO) program, which means the learners aren’t full clients. Yet. Besides helping new users see the value of, and fall in love with, one of my favorite brands, my goal is to wow them and invite them to consider working with our team. 


Keep in mind: I’m not “in sales” officially. So when it’s time to hand off a prospect after they’ve shown interest, I wanted to ensure our sales team has all the information they need to have a successful, meaningful discovery call. 


In other words, I don’t want the client to feel like it’s a cold handoff. On the contrary, they should feel seen and heard, and in safe hands.


Enter: Playbooks. We built a playbook with our sales team to answer the critical questions, including “Add historical knowledge or any recorded notes here.” This helps me gather the important information in one place so our sales team sees it in one place and can have an effective-yet-efficient discovery call. 


They can ask the deeper questions with confidence because they have a lot of necessary information at their fingertips. 



In addition to the utility of Playbooks, and their ease of use, I love the “set when to recommend” option under settings. 


I’ve seen this in play when a team is moving Deals through a pipeline and needs to ensure they’ve captured all data for the next step. 


When a Deal is in Stage B and needs specific information before going into Stage C, the recommended playbook has a banner on it, calling attention to it. It’s a great tool to help sales once again move faster and with confidence.




For these reasons, I propose Playbooks as my favorite HubSpot Sales Hub feature. And one that’s often overlooked. 

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