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Congratulations Karsten Köhler on 6000 Accepted Solutions

Please join us in congratulating @karstenkoehler on 6000 Accepted Solutions in the HubSpot Community.


Hi everyone! We are delighted to announce this incredible milestone for Community Champion @karstenkoehler. Karsten continues to crush records in the Community, this time authoring 6000 Accepted Solutions throughout our Community, thereby helping thousands of users to achieve their goals. He also has more than 7800 replies and more than 10 000 upvotes!
Karsten recently celebrated his third anniversary as a contributor in the forums (November 20th) - and today is a new all-time record for Karsten with a total of 6000 Accepted Solutions. 
Karsten is continously sharing his knowledge and providing thoughtful, high-quality responses to all our members in multiple communities and languages. He is simply unmissable in the HubSpot Community! 
We couldn’t be happier, or more fortunate, to have Karsten in our Community. Congratulations again Karsten!
If you want to learn more about his expertise, I’d encourage you to check his profile and connect with him.   
Please join us in congratulating Karsten!
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