problem with syncing between FB and Hubspot...

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Hi I synced my facebook ad acount with hubspot and something wierd (or not) happened...

the data started appearing on hubspot (which is great) but stoped apearing on facebook ads shows me no data on FB 

Is it normal? it should happen? if so how can I change it back? (tried already to cancel sync)

and if can I fix it? 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @markletti08 -


It sounds like your questions is about lead syncing from Facebook lead forms / lead ads? If you enable lead syncing, the integration will sync any existing leads from lead forms on your Facebook pages and will continue to sync going forward. The integration will not remove those leads from Facebook -- they will continue to exist on your lead forms in Facebook (for 90 days, per Facebook's policies) and in your HubSpot CRM.