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mohamedhamad en Marzo 18, 2024
I'm using Facebook lead ads and lead forms. With lead forms I've got submissions synced to hubspot. I also have an automation on the specific ad to send an email to conversions. im having an issue that the emails are not sending because i get a Leer más
0 Me gusta
10 Respuestas
Asesor destacado | Partner nivel Diamond
Marzo 20, 2024 03:25
@mohamedhamad Thanks for sharing it was nice talking to you : )
FMarió en Noviembre 01, 2023
Hi there! please I need some help with this. Facebook ads campaing doesn´t receive information about the leads that are being generated in Hubspot through the ads created. Important: we are running one dynamic facebook ads campaign and usin Leer más
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Asesor destacado | Partner
Noviembre 01, 2023 11:19
Hey @FMarió HubSpot doesn't feed any data back to facebook for analytics, so these need to be set up seperately. You need to use google tag manager...Leer más
TheaDenolyubova en Septiembre 26, 2023
Hello everyone, I've created a landing page and embedded a basic HubSpot sign-up form. I'm planning to run a LinkedIn ad campaign for conversions. Here's my question: How can I track conversions when I don't have a separate 'thank you' landing p Leer más
1 Me gusta
3 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Líder intelectual | Partner nivel Platinum
Septiembre 27, 2023 12:04
Hey @TheaDenolyubova hope you are doing great. My first recommendation 'd be to have your landing pages In HubSpot this way you may track every...Leer más
ciri en Septiembre 20, 2023
Hey all, we're trying to see the Deal count specific to the ad group in the Ads dashboard. We tested following the Deal attribution based on this Ads attribution guide (ie. customer is in total contacts, deal is set to closed won, closed date fill Leer más
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Septiembre 20, 2023 04:27
We have it setup to First Form submission which I think right? Should it be something else?
Ye_Sithu en Septiembre 04, 2023
"Is there a way to track the cumulative impressions of a specific HubSpot Landing Page , with each impression representing one visitor who arrived via Google pay-per-click ads?"
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Septiembre 05, 2023 04:08
Thank you so much for your advice!
AJohnson8 en Agosto 23, 2023
Webinar | How Our B2B Tech Company Amplified Demand Gen with Podcast Advertising Learn how Veeva Systems, a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry, amplified demand generation through an often over Leer más
Moderador de HubSpot
Octubre 12, 2023 14:45
Tapping on @KiwiJen83 to answer this question!
Dorstel en Julio 26, 2023
Intro: I created a Facebook Ad that links directly to our website (sign up page). The ad does not create Leads in Facebook (so it does not collect customer data), but it counts the number of conversions/signups because I linked the Facebook Pixel Leer más
0 Me gusta
8 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Asesor destacado | Partner
Julio 26, 2023 11:59
Hey @Dorstel great to hear you found a solution. Although to be honest longer term I'd plan to find a solution outside of non-HubSpot forms. Non-Hu...Leer más
DNageleisen en Julio 06, 2023
Hi All, I am receiving an Ad Blocker error when I try to access Marketing | Ads. I have followed your Troubleshoot ad tracking issues procedure and it was not successful multiple times in the last month. I have cleared the cache in Chrome Ve Leer más
0 Me gusta
6 Respuestas
Enero 31, 2024 11:15
Hello, I am getting the exact same error message about ads blocker as you. Not able to access ads. Can you share any pointers on how your issue was r...Leer más
YizMan en Junio 30, 2023
Currently testing an integration called the Media Sync, which will be released on the app store soon. The goal of this app is to allow demand generation folk and executives to better understand the contribution of different LinkedIn Ads campaigns on Leer más
Junio 30, 2023 03:46
A new feature added that allows you to view the data by recency as opposed to just the campaigns. You can see it in action here LinkedIn Ads Data by...Leer más
TDAdmin en Junio 08, 2023
Hello, I'm trying to simplify/automate reporting for all my stakeholders so that there is less manual number crunching via spreadsheets etc. I'm currently using the HS Starter package running Google Ads on a Wordpress site. My WP site uses HS Leer más
0 Me gusta
3 Respuestas
Asesor destacado
Junio 09, 2023 11:06
As you already have the pixel based on what you said, you should skip this step as the pixel would already be configured.
JakeP2891 en Febrero 27, 2023
Can anyone tell me some scaling techniques.
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Febrero 27, 2023 07:22
Hi @JakeP2891 , HubSpot has a great resource on the foundations with a lot of further reading here: más
Gobeyond en Febrero 16, 2023
Hey Team, I've just finished building up and ad but receiving the following error when trying to publish it. Would you please advise what to do next? How can we fix the issue? Many thanks, Geri
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Febrero 16, 2023 11:58
Thanks, will contact tech team.
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