Using Hubspot landing page in Facebook ad

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I have a client whom I do Facebook ads for. They requested that the link in the ad be to a Hubspot landing page. 

The ads did really well but their data in Hubspot is not showing anywhere near the same figures of visitors coming from the ad. 

Does anyone know why? Do we need to somehow link them? 

I don't really know enough about Hubspot to help her. 

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Hi @DSully 


Thank you for reaching out. 

The way HubSpot Ads and the Ad network calculates contact attribution/conversion is not really the same, which is why numbers can vary. You can find more information on this here: 

Understand HubSpot Ads contact attribution and ad network conversions


It could also be that they do not use the same filters on the ad network and in HubSpot. 


Thank you



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Here’s a really good article on syncing leads from your Facebook pages to HubSpot. It’s worth checking everything has been enabled properly
Hope this helps!