Unable to connect to Facebook


I had a guy working with me that was admin of my Facebook and  superadmin of HubSpot. I am also an admin on FB and superadmin on HS.

HubSpot was connected to my Facebook Ads through his credentials. 

He's not in my team anymore and ended up disconnecting Facebook Ads from HubSpot.

Since then, HubSpot stopped syncing my leads generated on Facebook.

Now I'm trying to connect it back using my credentials.

As I open the Leads Capture -> Ads page for HubSpot Marketing, I get the following error message:


HS Error 1.PNG


I ignore it and go to Settings.

From there I try to connect to Facebook Ads:


HS Error 2.PNG


 After clicking connect, I get this other error message:


HS Error 3.PNG



I already checked the permissions for HubSpot Ads on my Facebook and they are all enabled.


Does anyone know how to fix this and get my leads syncing back with HubSpot?





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HubSpot Employee

Hi @ovinci  Apologies no one has responded yet.  I just took a look at your account and it appears that your ads are syncing correctly. Please let me know if you are still having issues. 


You can also troubleshoot by following the instructions here for creating and analyzing Facebook lead ads. In particular, please make sure that the logged-in HubSpot user has the correct permissions in Facebook.   


Hope this helps


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @ovinci,


Are you still experiencing issues with connecting that Facebook ad account and setting up lead syncing? There's a Knowledge Base article that details the exact permissions you'll need to confirm that your Facebook user has, on both the ad account and Facebook page levels. Check out this article for more info.