Report Hubspot form submissions to Facebook Pixel as conversions (for ad optimization)



We do a lot of Facebook Ads that are optimized for conversions (in our case: Form Submissions) and in all our websites we use Hubspot Forms. Facebook needs to know when a user converts from a specific campaign to improove the targeting via the usual "standard events"  like:


fbq('track', 'Lead');

But the conversions column in Facebook's Ad Manager shows 0 conversions and the campaing can't be optimized.


We were expecting that Hubspot automatially sends at least a 'Lead' event to FB, especially by providing the Facebook Pixel from Hubspot's Facebook Ads integration. Because Hubspot form are embedded in an iframe there's virtually no way for the site to know when a form has been submitted to sent events ourselves. Relying on "thank-you" pages has always been a source of ghost/duplicate conversion counting for us.


Does Hubspot actually do sends Facebook Pixel events on form submission and we are just doing something wrong?

Does adding the Facebook Pixel via Hubspot enables some integrations, or is just a tool to help unexpericed users?




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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @svbkbrando - While we don't natively connect the submit button to Facebook, we do have a resource on our developer's forum on customizing the forms embed code. 


If you wanted to try to customize the embed code to include the pixel, you can explore this resource: Customize form embed code