[Now Live] Google Search Ad Campaign Creation now in HubSpot!

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HubSpot customers love using HubSpot because they can "do it all" on one platform. With today's release of Google search ad campaign creation, HubSpot users can now create ad campaigns for all three supported ad networks - right from HubSpot! And because campaign creation exists within HubSpot, users can easily use assets they've already made in HubSpot in their search campaign.

Navigate to Marketing > Ads, then click on the Create ad campaign button. Chose Search, then select your Google ad account. Then select if you'd like to create a brand new campaign or select from an existing Google ad campaign.


We recommend creating three ads, one of which is a responsive ad, which allows you to enter multiple headlines and descriptions and over time, Google Ads will automatically test different combinations and learn which combinations perform best.


In ad creation, you can select a HubSpot page or enter a URL. We will automatically pull in text from the page to populate your ad to help you get started.We also grab relevant keywords from your page and automatically put them in the Targeting tab.


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