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Now Live: Ads Optimisation Events, for Google and Facebook Ads

When an ad is published on either Google or Facebook it will always take a couple of days for the ad to "optimize", however, what is it optimizing for? Well, the answer would be clicks. The more people that click the more data the algorithm receives which helps it show the ad to people who are more likely to click than others.


However, not everyone that clicks an ad is a qualified lead that goes on to convert into a lead, MQL, SQL, or even a customer. Right now Google and Facebook ads have no way of knowing if a contact who clicked on their ad actually went on to convert in some way.


With the new marketing professional and enterprise feature "Ad Optimization Events" HubSpot users are now able to set up events to tell Facebook and Google when a contact who clicked on an ad within the last 90 days made a positive move in terms of becoming a lead, MQL, SQL, etc. This means that the ads will not only optimize to deliver to people who click but instead people that clicked and then actually converted or made it to a particular lifecycle stage, meaning the leads you get from your ads will be a lot more qualified.


How does it work

When you go into the ads tool you should now see a tab in the top right of the screen to "create event"

From here you create the type of event you want to have

See this K.B article for more information 


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