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Notification on ads

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Can I receive notification or can a lead generated from Facebook get its contact owner automatically? Please guide me regarding this. 

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Hi @reflectdm,


I believe this can be done through workflows, as you could specify where the contacts are coming from (in this case ads) and then trigger an email to the owner.

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As the other user said you can use a workflow to assign leads based on the source but if you are looking for the ability to give leads on a rotating basis to a pool of salespeople that is locked in the Sales Suite. 


Is there a specific way you want to assign them, there may be a workaround depending on your end goal.  As my IT guy likes to say, "What's the question behind the question?" 

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Hi @reflectdm. In addition to the suggestion of using workflows, if you've created the lead ad through HubSpot, you can add an email to be notified every time a submission comes through from that ad. This can be done while creating the ad during the "automate" step or after the fact if you hit the "edit" button. Hope that helps!